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The Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Ireland is a member of the European arm of a global Nigerian Diaspora network. Established in the year 2000 and was an inaugural member of NIDO Europe, and registered in Ireland in 2011 under the Companies Registration Act.

NIDO Ireland Chapter provides an umbrella network to all Nigerians in Ireland, and in concert with other Nigerian organisation arms in Ireland. NIDO Ireland forms the largest assembly of Nigerians in Ireland.

The Government of Nigeria recognizes the organisation as an official platform through which individual Nigerian Diaspora, their Community Organisations, and Corporate Bodies can channel developmental efforts to Nigeria.

In essence, the organization partners with the Nigerian Missions, Nigerian Community, Professional Organisations as well as Public and Private businesses in focused areas such as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Professional networking, Stakeholder advocacy, Medical missions, Educational support, Skills and Knowledge transfer to Nigeria.

The central vision of NIDO Ireland is to bring Nigerians living in Ireland together and to identify those willing to offer their Skills (Education, Information Technology, Health, Economic, and Science, Administration, Law, Political and Corporate Governance, Management etc.) to assist in the pursuance of Nigeria’s national development.

These Skills as such are needed in developmental projects by government and non-governmental organisations. NIDO Ireland as a result requires collaboration of those Nigerians living in Ireland who can afford to spend a period of time in Nigeria to contribute their resources such as Skills and Expertise to help Nigeria’s developmental process.

NIDO Ireland provides the unique opportunity for Irish, Europeans, Nigerians and other cultures living in Ireland to learn to work and collaborate with one another in the task of nation building and of our homeland.

Our organisation strongly believes that Nigerians in Ireland can make significant contributions towards Nigeria through programs, policies, and advocacy to harness their talents, expertise, and resources for Nigeria’s development and nation building.

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